Patricio Javier Maldonado Jijón (born November 18, 1976) in Quito Ecuador is a painter, photographer, video artist, and composer of experimental, rock & electronic music.


Founder of the experimental Ecuadorian band Dentro de Helena, he participated in various projects as a composer, singer, bassist, & producer (Dion4, Raza, Trovador Depresivo, Feeltronic, The Divorce, Miss Celio) in Chile, Ecuador, and New York City where he currently resides.


He started working with pencils, crayons, water color, & clay at five years old, and continued self taught techniques until the present via participating in various exhibitions, residencies and collaborative studios.





One of my earliest memories is being on a beach on the Ecuadorian Pacific Coast, trying to understand the size of the sea.


I was trying to figure out what the horizon was. That was the first complex thought I can remember having,  Obviously, I couldn't find the answers to my questions then, and I still find it a challenge to rationally understand the perceptive experience of the horizon.


But what I do remember noticing is that the  line of the horizon was somewhat similar to the line that separated the sea and the sand where I was standing.

The sea and the sand were thus similar, just shooting out in different directions, and with different dimensions.


This is the earliest precedent of my concern with volume, dimension and structure.




2016 XII Festival de Música Contemporánea, Quito Ecuador


2016 Miss Celio Ananke Experimental Music Art Residency, Quito Ecuador


2015 Ichimbia Palace, New Illustrators Show, Quito Ecuador


2014 Paris Ecuador Embassy Short Film Festival


2013 Artist Wanted, Queens, Digital Paintings


2012 Artist Wanted, Lower East Side, Digital Paintings


2011 William Beneth Gallery, Soho, Oil Paintings


2011 3rd Ward, Brooklyn, Members Show, Oil Painting


2011 Brooklyn Waterfront, Oil Painting


2010 Solo Exhibition, AF Ecuador, Digital Paintings


2010 GreenPoint Gallery, Ink Drawings


2010 Webster Hall, Manhattan, Digital Paintings


2010 VFFF, Ambato Ecuador, General Producer, and performing artist with Mesias Maiguashca


2010 Queens Museum, Digital Painting


2009 United Nations, Manhattan, Oil Paintings


2009 Venezuelan Consulate NYC, Oil Paintings





3rd Ward (BK, NY)

Photography, Electronics, Art, Glass,

Proccesing, Installation, Water Color,

3D, Jewelry, Installation, Stop Motion



Universidad del Pacifico

(Santiago de Chile, CH) 4 years

Master Graphic Designer



Film, Photography

(AF, Quito, Ecuador)



TV Production & Music

(USFQ, Quito, Ecuador)



Drawing Oil Painting

Carlos Maldonado Studio

(Quito, Ecuador)